beautiful skies



last week involved a LOT of travel.

I started out from welland.

headed to kingston to drop off tashie.

then to montreal to visit philip.

then to ottawa to visit heather.

then to kemptville for the week for a course.

then back to ottawa to see heather and pascale et michel.

then back to montreal to enjoy my birthday long weekend.

then kingston to visit mom and dad and pick up the doggie.

and back to welland.


along the way, over the course of two weeks, I got to see some pretty beautiful skies.  and now that I download them, I notice are all also very similar.  must be this time of year…


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hola punta cana



so I know you’ve been waiting to see our fun photos from punta cana, and I’ve been working on editing these and getting them uploaded for the last couple of weeks – but now they’re ready to roll!

since there are a million and two photos to get through, I’ll zip it and just let you peruse…



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